Sunday, May 13, 2007

TSP Curl P1-R vs Galaxy 955 Long pimples rubbers

I've finally got an opportunity to try this famous rubber, thanks to my friend LawOCG!

Well this is another remarkable rubber from TSP, I've been impressed with ALL the ones I've tried! The word out there is that this is one of the hardest rubbers to control but also among the most dangerous. Well the sponge must make quite a difference. I suspect that the word out there refers to the thicker sponge version, because I found the control on the 0.5mm very good!

On my Energy wood blade, I actually found this rubber relatively slow with very good control. It was a fair bit slower than the 955, even compared to OX!

It's most remarkable property that I found was blocking against fast loops... I got so many more on, and the sink was very good! It does require a positive and forward stroke, and simply putting the bat there made it really grip, and fly over the end of the table... But with a slow forward and upwards stroke, the ball landed on the table even against fast loops, with a real nice sink effect... they did not come back....

Attacking against backspin was not quite a easy as with the 955, but still pretty good. Since the pimples seems more grippy the further the dig the ball in, you can't afford to let it dig in too much or you'll give up spin reversal.

In general it was good in the short game, producing more LP effect than the 955... some good wobble balls too. I wasn't to sure why the ball was doing what it was doing on a few occasions...

Chopping against backspin can be done effectively, but you need to compensate for the incoming spin...

Away from the table it perform very well too, good ability to manipulate spin. The control in general was almost as good as the 955. I found it easier to keep the ball shorter, mainly bacause it felt slower... Against loops I still preferred the 955, but I need more time to find out why...

I think I'll need a few more sessions to draw conclusions on whether it's better for my game, but it's the best I've found so far since the 955.

There are a few more details on the forum that seems to have turned into a long pimple forum
It's another nice long pimple rubber from TSP.

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