Saturday, March 06, 2010

Coaching in between games should be banned

I really think coaching in between games should not be allowed for individual events for Competition and Tournaments. The battle should be between the 2 players, not a player and their coach. I think this is appropropriate even at ITTF events. They have already implimented this for Tennis, so why not for Table Tennis?

The coach's role is to coach before the event, and perhaps help prepare the player for the particular match, and analyse the game to give more advice after the match. Coaches should be teaching the player how to analyse the opponent's game during a match, and adapt strategies to counter their strenghts and cover your weakness. This makes the player better, and this can benefit them during a game.

I would concede that for team events it may be appropriate, as this is after all a team effort and the caoch could be considered part of the team, but for individual events, there should be no coaching in between games.

Some players, especially near the intermediate levels, may not be able to afford a good coach, so should this give him a disadvantage? I don't think so, it should not come into it!

I asked Adham Sharara about (ITTF president), and explained my reasoning, and he agrees with me as well, and explains why it may be hard to change;

"I agree with you, and I even made this proposal already a long time ago, however, there was a very negative reaction from the coaches who felt that they need to be present at the matches and advise their players. I share your opinion, but the tradition in TT is very much engrained and would be difficult to change. I like the tennis system, where the coach is present but does not interfere in the match. On the other hand, like in Basketball, the coach is omni-present. So, it depends on the culture of the sport. In our culture, the coach is an integral part of the match."

What do you think?