Friday, October 30, 2009

Think you're an expert on table tennis? Check out these riddles!

OOAK forum is running another little competition, this time about riddles related to table tennis.

I'm really enjoying these (both making up mine and solving others) so I thought I'd share some with you here:

What is it?
It's a part of some table tennis bats. Some people will occasionally sniff it. Others would rather throw it out on the water. In some homes, I can run vertically or horizontally. Know what it is?

I am always nearby, yet no-one can see me
I bring chaos to my enemies but fun to my friends
I go higher than my brothers, though I have little experience
Who / what am I?

These are some of the tougher ones, although there's a few hints given along the way. There a prize for the person who solves the most riddles, and one for the best riddle.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun competition with prizes at OOAK forum

The OOAK table tennis forum has started some fun little competitions recently with a prize (free rubber or blade) for the winner. The challange of this first competition was to write a funny poem about the OOAK forum itself. Congrats to member JimWeiland who won the first competition, and his poem was:

Away across the ocean where the kangaroo calls home,
And the emus and koalas and the wild dingos roam,
Lies the online info Mecca for us table tennis folk,
It's run by HaggisV (a most accomodating bloke).
It's called OOAK, and if you should need advice,
Here's information for you that's both expert and precise.
The much-maligned dark sider, he will find a haven here,
The short pip and the anti guys can post stuff without fear.
And even welcomed are inverted players (yes, it's true!);
From seasoned pros to ping-pong nubes--this web site is for you!
They've got top-notch equipment that will much improve your game,
And forums where the guys will teach you how to use the same.
The names are strange, but worry not, on them you can rely,
Whether the guy's named Hookshot, Reb, Fattchoi or Tatlwei,
Or Silver, Speedplay, Metal Monkey, Dwruck, Dingwol2,
Mynamenotbob, or Grumpy Joe--you'll learn a thing or two!
So, whether you're a looper, blocker, chopper or EJ,
Get on the web and find the OOAK site today!

You can read the other entries and details in the thread here, there were some other really good ones too!

Competitions will be run monthly, and the next one will start shortly. So if you want to be part of a bit of fun with fellow table tennis enthusiasts, check it out and you might even win something in the process...