Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Donic Desto F3 Big Slam

I had a go with this rubber on a Dawei Navigator blade the other day, wow the glue effect built into this rubber is huge!

The sponge is really soft (around 30degrees I reckon) and the topsheet thin, sensitive and very grippy. It's amazing how little effort it takes to open up with a loop with this rubber, and it's so easy to generate huge spin! I've never come across a rubber where you can generate a medium pace and very spinny loop with such little effort!

I reminds me very much of the Joola Tango, but the glue effect and sound is a LOT higher.

I think it suits a backhand more than a forehand, as it's great for an opening loop or a flick, followed by a powerful forehand. The rubber is not real fast on loops, although it hits really well, coming off fast with a very loud click.

So it suits a more control and spin based game, but combined with a faster and firmer sponged forehand, it can suit a very offensive style game. With a thinner sponge (1.8mm is the thinnest) it would work very well for a chopper, whereas with 2.0 or MAX a more offensive and very spinny game would be appropriate.

Another review and some more details can be found on the Donic Online Australia website