Thursday, October 18, 2007

New pimples website - PIPS

With a group of friends we've started a new website dedicated to pimple rubbers and players:

"Pips is a table tennis equipment site set up by a group of like-minded table tennis players that are keen to educate the table tennis community about long pimpled and other pimpled rubbers. We feel these rubbers add great diversity to our game, and it's something that should be embraced, and not frowned upon or dimissed as a 'cheater's rubber'. "

There are already some excellent articles on the website, and more in the pipeline. We will also continue to add more reviews on new and old pimples rubbers. The latest news will also be added shortly.

Please have a look at the site and read through the articles, and any feedback would be very much appreciated! Please be brutally honest, we won't take offense!

If any of you would like to contribute, that would be awesome! We're not just after people with highly technical knowledge or high level players...Contributions like any of the following would be just as great:
  • Funny pimple stories
  • Simply pimple strategies that work for you (just a paragraph can be enough)
  • Some pimple history - Finding any graphics / pics for the site
  • Anyone with a little website design experience that can make the site look a little better than our current very basic effort.
While the site is still being built, discussions and contribution to the PIPS website are currently done on the table tennis forum here.

It would also help if some of you can promote the site a little... This can bring more people to the site and hopefully will bring more contributors... which is better for everyone! I'd really like this to be a website that is an authority on pimples rubbers, and something that all us pip players can feel part off! Thanks to everyone who's already contributed so far!