Friday, April 06, 2007

Fun way of beating your friends at table tennis

I've written an simple article for casual table tennis players on how to beat their friends at table tennis using long pimple rubbers... It is aimed towards the basement type players, or those that might occasionally play at work or school, not for the more serious players or those that play competition.

I plan to publish this in a few places, and hope to attract more new players to actively play table tennis, by having fun with long pimple rubbers. This could not only bring more players to table tennis, but can also bring more players to long pimples, and encourage others to learn about them so that they can become more accepted in table tennis in general:

Fun way of beating your friends at table tennis

Please have a read and provide me with some comments. I'd really like some opinions before I go ahead and publish it... Please be honest and totally brutal!

Thanks guys!