Monday, May 26, 2008

Table tennis review website - major facelift and upgrade!

I've been spending a lot of time lately giving our main review website a face-lift to make it look a bit more professional, as I was always bothered by it's very poor looks...

In the process I've added some new features, such as a search across all our websites, which I think is really useful as it can be very hard to find things sometimes....

A few more updates and new features will continue for the next few weeks, hopefully without too many hick-ups. I've also rewritten quite a few of the guides, fixed up broken links, improved loading speed by reducing files sizes, etc... I'd love to hear any feedback on what people think of it, while I'm still working on the changes and not gone too far with the major changes.

I've also been adding a lot more reviews of other brands, like the very recent Butterfly Tenergy review, Donic JO Coppa Platin Review and Hallmark Phoenix Review. A lot more features and reviews are in the pipeline!

I've still got a few sections to complete, but most of the rest of the site is getting closer to being finished, apart from the reviews which I'll just continue to add! My aim is to make it the most comprehensive table tennis resource on the internet!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Donic rubber and blade combinations

I have recently spend a fair bit of time building the Donic Online Australia website, which I provide a lot more details about donic products, such as comments, reviews and hi-res pictures.

I've also added a section called Donic Solutions, where I've spent many hours trying to figure out the best Donic blades and rubbers combinations for specific styles.

I've tried to explain the reasons of my combination choices in the descriptions, so that players understand why certain combinations work well together, which can help them make decision for other rubber and blade combinations as well.

I've got a bit more work to do on the site, but it's starting to look quite nice now, and I'm sure it will be useful to some players as well...

Any comments on the site or blade and rubber combinations would be very much appreciated!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Donic JO Coppa Platin and Platin Soft - NEW!

Donic has just released 2 new rubbers in their tensor range, the Donic JO Coppa Platin and the Donic JO Coppa Platin Soft.

I have been very impressed with their latest ones, the JO Coppa Gold, the Desto F3 Big Slam and particularly the JO Coppa Silver, bring the best glue effect I've felt to date. These new ones promises even better glue effect an more speed.... Truth or marketing at it's best? Time will tell...

I've got got both these new rubbers on order, and will test them in a few weeks time, and will publish my review here....