Friday, November 21, 2008

ITTF's Adham Sharara visits a table tennis forum

Adham Sharara, the president of the ITTF, has recently started visiting the table tennis forum - One of a Kind Forums to discuss the rules and decisions they make, with the table tennis online community.

With the recently highly controversial changes to equipment and approval by the ITTF, there has been much debate over merits and fairness of these decisions. The most commonly discussed topics are the ban of the frictionless pimple rubbers, the ban of speed glue, and more recently the issue on whether tuners/boosters are banned as well.

Adham has shown courage and initiative by visiting the forum, and explain the reasons why some of these decisions were made. Debates on these topics, and also a range of other topics, such and improvement to rules, promotion of our sport, etc are all being discussed in the forum, and with Adham regular visits, it's been a great opportunity for players to communicate directly with the ITTF, instead of having to go through all the red tape of the national associations.