Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dawei 388D-1 1.0mm Long Pimples

I've just tried the 388D-1 1.0mm. Although I don't remember the 0.6mm
one that well since I haven't used it for a while, this one has very
good spin reversal, and does not generate nearly as much spin as the Galaxy 955 which I normally use. However the whobble on the ball was really good, and I found it great for
dropshots... This is all on my fast Dawei Navigator blade too!
It makes a high pitch click sound, as if it's speed glued.

Although I found the 955 a little fast on the navigator, it was still
pretty good. But I thought the Dawei one should take the pace off a bit more.

It's funny really, when you just touch the ball gently, it's quite springy, which I assume
is just the pimples. But when you hit through a bit more it feels quite slow, which I guess is the sponge.

I found it harder to attack with then even the 0.6mm 955, but the dropshots and spin reversal was really nice... I'll keep this on for a few more weeks and will work out if it suits me.

I did like being able to generate good spin with the 955, but the spin reversal of the dawei generate a lot of awkward balls.... I'll need to try it against some better players to see how well it works against loopers.

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