Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Re-Impact blade Selection and User Guide

Member Kees from OOAK Table Tennis Forum has written a detailed guide on selecting an appropriate blade to suit your style from the Re-Impact range of blades. These are hi-tech blades custom made in Germany by Achim Rendler. The blades are ultra light and offer some unique properties, especially suitable for combination players or players with unusual styles. The very light weight and high control, as well as good power when you need it, also makes it particularly well suited for elderly players, or players that are not as mobile or strong as they used to be. It will go a long way towards keeping you competitive against the younger and more mobile players :)

The comprehensive guide, written by Dr. C.H. Glimmerveen, consists of three parts intended to help players to
  1. Understand the general properties of Re-Impact blades which make them effective for special styles of play,
  2. Select the type of forehand and backhand sides which suit their specific needs and style best, and subsequently select the Re-Impact blade having these sides, and
  3. Play technically effectively with the blade of their choice.

NOTE: The guide is not a promotional article for Re-Impact, but instead it’s written by a user and for users, to help give users an understanding of the technology, help them select the right model for their style, and teach them how to use the blade most effectively.
Click here to read the PDF file containing the full guide:

Re-Impact blade Selection and User Guide



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