Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swedish proposal to remove friction limit DEFEATED!

Although it's not yet official, the word is out already that the proposal (see last post) was defeated... appearantly the vote was quite overwhelming too... only a few members vote FOR it. The Swedish board member made a good argument, but most of the arguments against were stating that it is not necessary to change the current rule because national association do not need to follow it!

Personally I find this rediculous! Surely most of these member have been around for a while and realise that almost all National association simply follow the ITTF rules and regulations! An argument this weak would have to make you wonder what their real reasons are for voting against they really have the interest of our sport at heart, or are there a few dominant members that have an alterior motive? Do the other members really understand the impact of this decision, or are they easily swayed by the opinion of the more dominant members...

I'd personally like to thank those people that have written the BoD member to explain their concerns. I have also written 2 of the members but have been most disappointed that I did not even get a reply! It appears the same thing happened to many others that have written, although I have heard that a few did reply and seemed to by symphathetic towards our concerns.

Where to now? Well I'm not ready to accept this decisison so I'm going to look into what our options are... will keep you posted...

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