Friday, October 30, 2009

Think you're an expert on table tennis? Check out these riddles!

OOAK forum is running another little competition, this time about riddles related to table tennis.

I'm really enjoying these (both making up mine and solving others) so I thought I'd share some with you here:

What is it?
It's a part of some table tennis bats. Some people will occasionally sniff it. Others would rather throw it out on the water. In some homes, I can run vertically or horizontally. Know what it is?

I am always nearby, yet no-one can see me
I bring chaos to my enemies but fun to my friends
I go higher than my brothers, though I have little experience
Who / what am I?

These are some of the tougher ones, although there's a few hints given along the way. There a prize for the person who solves the most riddles, and one for the best riddle.

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