Wednesday, March 26, 2008

JUIC Leggy vs TSP P-1R

I've finally decided to change over to JUIC Leggy 1.0mm from the TSP P-1r 1.2mm. Although they are similar in many ways and both excellent pips, it's one unique property of the leggy that suits my game particularly well that's helped me decide. The main differences are:

1. The main reason I've changed to Leggy is the remarkable amount of backspin I can generate from a backspin ball. if someone pushes to the LP, you can push back hard with a little flick of the wrist (which I used to be real good at with inverted) and get quite good backspin and it's easy to keep it low.. and if you keep it deep it often forces another push which you can attack, or a weaker loop which you can either attack, or get into you chopping mode. If I push the backspin ball back lightly, it reverses the spin very much like most LPs, so that option is still there.

2. Chopping away from the table both LPs play similar, with the Leggy offering a bit more reversal, but the P-1r more options to manipulate the spin as it seems to have more grip. Control is similar.

The TSP is also more durable, as they just seem to go on forever, whereas I've already lost a pip on my leggy... but this is still secondary to me and performance has to be No 1. I've been using the Leggy for about a month, and I do a lot of blocking against fast loops/hits and DO hit with it myself as well. I find it no less durable than any other pips I've tried, except the TSPs.

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